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Omenaa Mensah, together with her Foundation, has been offering educational support to street children in Ghana and children’s homes in Poland for several years. However, given the dire situation in Ukraine, the Foundation has made the decision to extend its aid to Ukrainian refugees who are seeking refuge in Poland and facing the challenges of adapting to a new country. As a result, the Foundation established the “RiO Edu Centrum,” a support and educational day center in Warsaw. This center aims to assist Ukrainian mothers in starting their professional careers while providing their children with free education.

“My activities primarly revolve around systematic, long-term help. At the onset of the war, Ukrainian refugees received an overwhelming amount of support from the Polish people. Now the time has come to offer our guests from across the eastern border the opportunity for a fresh start. Education has always been, and will continue to be, a significant aspect of my efforts as it empowers individuals to grow and thrive. Hence, the idea of creating RiO Edu Centrum.”

Omenaa Mensah, President of the Omenaa Foundation.

RiO Edu Centrum

RiO Edu Centrum is a day centre focused on education and supporting mothers and children from Ukraine.

The centre is located in Warsaw, at Konstruktorska 12 (entrance B). RiO Edu Center consists of 4 educational rooms for children, a workshop room, 3 psychological offices, a sensory integration room and an educational room for Ukrainian moms.

Helping Children

  1. Children will find interesting educational and developmental activities – including Polish and English lessons.
  2. Children will be cared for by qualified pedagogical staff and supported by psychologists and animators.
  3. We estimate that approximately a thousand children will benefit from the center on an annual basis.

Helping Mothers

  1. We provide women with an intensive Polish language course, along with classes on career advice and comprehensive support in legal, psychological, and medical matters.
  2. We help women in securing employment opportunities and even some of the have the opportunity to work at our pilot center in Warsaw. We have plans to open several more in the future.
  3. The center annually supports and empowers over a thousand women.

and what’s important…

We want to provide all of our beneficiaries with the best possible environment and a caring, empathetic staff.
Meals will also be served on site.

How to get help from the center

If you are Ukrainian and you have fled with your children to Poland in search of safety,
If you haven’t found a job yet,
If your child is of preschool age and needs contact with peers,
If you are in need of psychological, medical, legal and educational support, and
You have been vaccinated with at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Get in touch!

To benefit from what our centre has to offer, just write us an email or call us:

RiO team

Damian Kurpiewski
Managing Director of RiO Edu Centrum

I have the privilege of managing the RiO Edu Center. As an alumnus of the Higher School of Sports, specializing in sports facility management. I have always been passionate about helping children, starting from my early days as a volunteer. Together with my team, we strive to create a warm and welcoming family-like atmosphere for both the children and parents visiting our center. At work, I am known for my ever-present smile and ability to spread positive energy. Outside of work, I enjoy weightlifting, swimming, and indulging in my passion for motorcycles.

Anna Słoboda
Director of Assistance
and Education Programs at Omenaa Foundation

After 17 years, Ania decided to leave her corporate job to pursue her passion for helping others professionally. She firmly believes that there is nothing more fulfilling than connecting with new people and exploring the world. Ania’s genuine love for people has proven invaluable in overcoming seemingly impossible projects time and time again.

Magdalena Krasińska
Manager RiO Vibe Centrum

Magdalena is the Project Manager of the RiO Vibe Center. She holds expertise as a special education teacher and therapist, with a primary focus on identifying children’s needs and providing support for their development. Additionally, she actively promotes psychoeducational knowledge. Magdalena is a passionate advocate of ‘non-violent communication,’ firmly believing that attentive listening and understanding others’ needs are crucial for successful interpersonal communication.

Olena Korolova
Office worker

At RiO, my priority is to ensure that our guests feel the incredible energy of the RiO Edu Center right from the moment they step in. I inform mothers about the exciting projects they can participate in and assure them that their children will spend many joyful hours with us. The project itself fuels me with tremendous energy to take action!

Ksenia Svistunova
Career advisor

At the RiO Edu Center, she is responsible for providing career advisory services. She is a compassionate individual who feels grateful for the opportunity to assist people in this manner. Helping others in their career paths brings her happiness and fulfillment.

Tetiana Shatova
Childcare worker

I am a philologist of literature and the Ukrainian language. I have a deep passion for my job, as it brings me immense satisfaction and joy. My primary goal is to fulfill educational objectives while promoting the holistic development of the children I work with. I strive to understand and cater to their individual needs and interests. Witnessing the smiles and joy of the children is a constant source of motivation and inspiration in my daily work.

Irina Yanchiy
Childcare worker

I am a certified teacher with many years of experience working with children. I agree with the words of Mr. Jan Korczak, who believes that “children deserve respect, trust, and friendly relations”. I am grateful that I am with them in RiO Edu Centrum, surrounded by their positive energy and joyous smiles. Continuous creative exploration, self-education, and self-improvement—these are my three principles for the past, present, and future.

Liudmyla Kyian
Childcare worker

I am an experienced educator and the creator of educational programs for children in early primary school age in Ukraine. At RiO Edu Centrum, I serve as the head educator of the “Ocean” group. I have a genuine love for children and enjoy engaging in creative work with them. For several years, I have worked as the head educator at a preschool in Ukraine. My knowledge of the Polish language allows me to help children adapt to life in Poland through artistic activities, education, and enjoyable experiences.

Viktoriia Horielova
Child psychologist

I am a child psychologist at the RiO Edu Center with twelve years of experience working with children and parents. My approach to working with children is rooted in individualized care, taking into consideration the unique needs, skills, and character of each child. My primary focus is to ensure that every child not only understands their own emotions but also comprehends the emotions of others and develops healthy social relationships. Guided by these principles, I strive to shape them into happy and fulfilled adults. I strongly believe that everyone deserves happiness and a positive outlook on life.

Liudmyla Hospodarenko
English teacher

I am a highly skilled English language teacher and serve as the head teacher at RiO Edu Centrum. I conduct interactive lessons with children, ensuring they are both enjoyable and versatile, while catering to the unique needs and abilities of each student. I have acquired six years of valuable experience by learning from the best native English speakers in Ukraine. Working with children is not just a job for me; it is my genuine passion, and you will always find me smiling during our sessions.


The honorary patron of RiO Edu Centrum is Rafał Miastowski,
Mayor of the Mokotów District of the Capital City Of Warsaw.

How could you help us?

If you want to support our project, please pay into the Foundation’s account with the note:

Assistance to Ukrainian Children:
74 1140 2062 0000 4426 2800 1005


Contact us!

Magdalena Krasińska

Managing RiO Edu Centrum

+48 539 519 674

Damian Kurpiewski

Managing Director RiO Edu Centrum

+48 733 576 463

We speak Ukrainian:

Olena Korolova

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